samedi 20 mai 2017

Une' - Une' (2012)

01.Hit Da Shaw
02.I Really Love U Love
03.One More Time
04.You Complete Me
05.5th of September
06.I Won't Complain
07.I Can Remember
08.I Really Love U Love
09.Baby Stop Frontin
10.Hit Da Shaw
11.Lady You Are

Pooh Bear - I Am the Future, The Future of R & B (2011)

01.Sex Games (feat Petey Pablo)
02.Sex Games
03.Super Good
04.Late Nite Sex
05.Love Song
07.Number One Fan
10.Sex Games (feat Wacka Flocka)
11.I Like It
13.The Same

vendredi 19 mai 2017

Onyx1 feat.. Terrence Forsythe - Right Now (2007)

01.Thatz Enough
02.Thatz Enough (Sax Rendition)
03.You Never Fail To Amaze Me
05.When You Weren't Looking
06.Mine All Mine
07.One Day At A Time
08.Give A Little
09.It's Time For Love
10.But I Do
11.Right Now
12.Mine All Mine

The Chestnut Brothers - Brotherly Love (1993)

01.Brotherly Love
02.Sweet Little Rita
03.She's All That
04.Whole Lotta You
05.End of the Line, E
06.Keep It Hot
07.Hungry 4 Your Lo
08.End of the Line, End of the Road
09.Hey Sweet Lady
10.(We Ain't Gon') Never Stop
11.Rok 'Til U Drop

CJ Anthony - I Let Heaven Go (2006)

01.Somebody Out There
02.Bre Bre's Song
03.All I Know
04.You Taught Me To Fly
05.Pack Your Bags
06.Runnin' Back To You
07.I Let Heaven Go
08.I Want To Be
09.It's You
10.Let Me Show You
11.What Will It Take.

CJ Anthony ‎– Luv's Invitation (1988) [Digitally Remastered]

01.Luv's Invitation
02.She's Mine
03.Temporary Lover
04.Lucky Love
05.Just One More Night
06.Stay Away from Me
07.The Riches
08.I Believe in You
09.R.U.N,2 Me
10.You Are My Starship

mercredi 17 mai 2017

Faze - Faze 1 (1989)

01.One Night
02.You Did Me Wrong
03.So Available
04.Cold Sweat(Extended Remix)
06.Somebody's Baby
07.When You Were Mine
08.Now Or Never

Gene Rice - G3, (2016)

01.No Matter How Long (Intro)
02.Lay Wit It
03.Keep Your Love Right Here
04.I Wanna Be Your Man
06.Ready 2 Luv U
08.Come on In
10.Mr. Telephone Man
11.Truly I Do
12.When Skies Were Blue

samedi 16 avril 2016

Terrence M. - The Times (2012)

02.Violent Love
03.Baby I'm Ready
04.Walk Away
05.Part Time Lover
06.Steppin' Afta Dark
07.Dat Good Love
08.No Job No Car No Woman
09.Turn It Up
10.Somebody Else's Wife
11.The Damnest Things

Chandra Currelley - Relationships (2012)

01.You're Just Right
02.Learn to Fly
03.Down Here
05.More Than a Season
06.Sittin' Lookin' Crazy
07.It's Going Your Way
08.What's It Gonna Be
09.Hidden Message
10.Love Is in Control
11.You're Just Right (Dance Mix)

Chandra Currelley - The Real Me Chandra (2007)

01.The Real Me
02.Nothing Can Take You Away
04.All Your Love
05.These Moments
06.The Little Things
07.Think About It
08.Kiss and Tell
09.Always There
10.Your Word

Chandra Currelley - Love Songs (2005)

01.I Want You
02.You Protected My Heart
03.Love Again
04.Unconditional Love
05.Someone Made For Me
06.No Secrets
07.When You Wait
08.Time With You
09.Sure About That
10.Squeeze Me

Howard Johnson - Doin' It My Way (1983) [Digitally Remastered]

01 - My Way
02 - Jump Into Fire
03 - Let's Take Time Out
04 - Missing You
05 - Much Too Much
06 - You're The One I've Needed
07 - Let This Dream Be Real
08 - Everywhere I Go
09 - Let This Dream Be Real (Remix)
10 - Let's Take Time Out (Long Version)

vendredi 15 avril 2016

Howard Johnson - Keepin' Love New (1982) [Digitally Remastered]

01 - Keepin' Love New
02 - Forever Falling In Love
03 - Take Me Through The Night
04 - Jam Song
05 - So Glad You're My Lady
06 - So Fine
07 - Say You Wanna
08 - This Is Heaven

Howard Johnson - The Orange Album (2012)

01.Girl Talk
02.Sunday Afternoon
03.Dancing with Your Lover
04.More Than a Minute
05.Power to Dance
06.Several Exceptions
07.82 Was a Killer
08.Keep It Coming
09.My Kinda Guy
10.Strung Out

Howard Johnson - Keepin' Love New (2012) EP

01.Keepin Love New (Remix)
02.Keepin Love New (Instrumental)
03.Next to You
05.Running Out of Time

Howard Johnson - Jet Black Casanova (2013)

01.I'm Taking a Chance
02.Mama Loves
03.Jet Black Casanova
04..Flying High
05.Right Where I Want to Be
06.The Liar
07.What Will I Say
08.That Look
09.Wanna Satisfy
10.I Wish You Were Here

Stacey Harcum - Soul Exposed (2013)

01.Soul Exposed
02.Love Never Fails
03.A Song for You
05.The Cage Bird Sings
06.Morning Offering
07.I Belong to You
08.Use Me
09.Stay Together
10.Going Home
12.Beautiful Woman
13.Meditate On You
14.Truly Free

Rhonda Clark - Rhonda Clark (1992) [Tabu Re-Born Expanded Edition]

01.Must Be Real Love
03.Saving All My Lovin'
04.I Never Loved a Man
05.(If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Want To Be Right
06.When the Next Tear Drop Falls
07.Take the Hurt Away
08.Tell Me What You Need
09.Let Me
10.Right Kind of Love
11. Tomorrow
12.Let Your Mind Do the Lovin’
13.Real Man
14.(If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Want To Be Right [Edit]
15.(If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Want To Be Right [Instrumental]
16.Must Be Real Love (Extended Dance Mix)
17.Must Be Real Love (Retro Bass Mix) [Radio Edit]
18.Must Be Real Love (Dub Mix)

Rhonda Clark - Between Friends (1989) [Expanded Edition]

01.Does That Make a Man
02.State of Attraction
03.I Love Your Body
04.Instant Attitude
05.The Way You Are
07.Stay Here, Stay Nere
08.Between Friends
09.You're My Everything (with Chuck Howard)
10.No Matter How
11.Stay (Reprise)
12.State of Attraction (12" Club Mix)
13.State of Attraction (Radio Mix)
14.State of Attraction (Alternate Radio Mix)
15.State of Attraction (12" Dub Mix)
16.State of Attraction (Alternate Dub Mix)
17.State of Attraction (Jazz Version)